Tyler Jones
You Can't Lead What You Don't Live
Steve Timmis
Everyday Church
John Bryson
The Kind Of Men The Church Needs
Bryan Lorrits
Cross Shaped Gospel
John Piper
A Hunger for God: The Foundation of Faithful AND Effective Ministry


Brian Bloye
Becoming A Multiplying Church
Andre Mann
Thinking Bigger About Business
J.D. Greear
The Marks Of A Faithful And Effective Church
Alan Family
Q and A / Interview
Various Guests
Q and A Session
Brian Fikkert
When Helping Hurts
D.A. Horton
The Gospel And Hip Hop
Matt Chandler
How Both Faithful and Effective Churches Assume the Gospel


Blake Wilson
Sex And The Gospel
Rupert Leary
Practical Evangelism: How to Get Out There and Start Doing It
Larry Osborne
Accidental Pharisees
David Platt
Gospel Proclamation: In and Through the Church

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